Compass: Poem & Artwork

Our new home has a lot of white walls and it looks a bit like an empty art gallery at the moment. This is one of the first artworks to go up. A poem my Nana wrote for my 21st birthday and turned into a calligraphy piece by my sister Rebecca.

Poem by Pat Green

Now life is like a journey, we don’t know how long or short,
And everyday we travel there are lessons that we’re taught
From where I am and where you are, we are many years apart,
And so I’d like to share with you from my journey and my heart
Now life is made from choices, that we every day must take
For Christ to be our centre is the greatest choice we make
To Him I’m very thankful that you’ve made that vital choice
For His love has drawn you to Him and for that I can rejoice
But every day he calls us on an adventure of the heart
So that He becomes our compass and His word becomes our chart
Although we may often fail Him He never will depart,
For His love is always for us, and His grace He will impart
It is neve always sunshine. There are storm and trials and pain
But the hardest times are often when we see the greatest gain
For it is those times of trials that we learn his ways to trust
And we know that He is loving, and we always find Him just.
My passion is to know Him, to become like Him each day
For you, that’s God’s desire, so that’s how I pray
The world will judge us simply by the things that they can see
But God looks right inside of us and comes to set us free
Our honesty, right attitudes, these are the things he treasures
Our daily life and walk with Him will surely give Him pleasure
All this will take a lifetime, but His love He’ll never sever
For our eternal life is simply His relationship forever.

The piece is now staring back at me from my usual spot on the dining room table. A wonderful encouragement about stability in Christ.


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