Advent Devotionals 2016

In our home we have Morning Prayer twice a week, which includes a short devotional after the scripture reading. Although I came across several great advent resources, I decided to go with Christianity Today (now sold out!) as it was only $1 a copy and it meant I could hand them out at church also. It starts from the first Sunday of Advent and each day a different author offers a short reflection on some key verses. I would prefer it to be less American-centric in terms of cultural references and have a chunk of text each day, not just a couple of verses.

Here are three other resources available online:

1. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
This is a brilliant devotional with a passage of scripture, reflection and prayer, each designed by lecturers and staff at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. You can download the whole pdf here, or as an app (apple, android) which allows you to either listen or read. The main problem with the app is they make each devotional available on American time… so being in Australia the current day isn’t available for a morning devotion. Hopefully this can be rectified soon!

2. Luther Seminary, Minnesota
This devotional has a scripture or a song, followed by a reflection and short prayer. I like how it weaves in some history, reflecting on Martin Luther’s hymn Saviour of the Nations, Come. The simple and elegant design makes it enjoyable to read and would be best suited to print as an A5 booklet. Access pdf here.

3. Common Grace – Being Present
This is an Australian devotional, emailed to your inbox each day. It starts December 1st, not the first Sunday of Advent like most other devotionals. The writers cross the denominational divide, with Sister Elizabeth Delaney, Tim Costello, Jarrod McKenna, Joel Houston and others contributing. As it hasn’t started yet, I’m not sure about the format or quality but it looks promising! Sign up here.

Do you know of any other advent devotionals out there?

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