2017 Goals – Bible in One Year

In December I went on a search for Bible reading plans that had 3 readings a day and could be incorporated into Morning Prayer, which we host. I came across Bible in One Year produced by Alpha, and it’s a game change as it offers a short commentary / devotional to guide you through the readings. Each day there is a Psalm or Proverb, a New Testament reading and an Old Testament reading.

It is a classic goal of Christians the world over to read the Bible in one year. I must confess, it has been one of my failed New Year’s Resolutions year after year. So why does this reading plan have me convinced 2017 is the year?

1. It’s available on multiple platforms
You can download the Bible in One Year App to your iOS or Android device. I read it on my iPad most days, but I can also read it on my phone if I’m on the go.

There is also an audio function on the app, so you can listen to the Bible readings & commentary while walking the dog or on the way to work.

You can also subscribe to receive daily emails with the reading plan, so the first email you tackle in the morning is actually your devotional.

I’ve also acquired a hard copy of the Bible reading plan from Alpha to give to those in our congregation for those who prefer that. Contact me if you’d like it!

2. The commentary helps me get through the hard bits
I imagine most people, like me,  lose their way somewhere between Leviticus and Judges. It’s hard to stay motivated reading the Bible when we are wading through parts we don’t understand. The accompanying commentary / devotional has a theme each day and gives the right amount of detail to explain the passages, as well as encouragement and prayer for the day ahead. So it’s less about ticking the Bible reading box, and more about engaging with the scriptures (which is what it should be about!)

Are you on a Bible reading plan? What tips do you have for sticking with it?

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