Anglicans You’ve Never Heard Of

For the last 18 months, I’ve been involved in a committee for the Anglican Future Conference that was held in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

I came up with a concept of having mini-TED talks at the conference from unknown Anglicans from around Australia. The committee suggested videos instead, which I thought was a great idea! I emailed various Bishops around Australia asking “who are the quiet achievers with an amazing story to tell?” There was an a huge response, and there were dozens of potential subjects. Here are the three final videos made by Jono Weir:

Patricia McCormack – Prison Fellowship

Matt and Rebecca Ooi – RICE Movement

Mel Fung – Jesus Club

It’d be great if you could share these inspiring videos on social media and in your churches & organisations. Contact me if you would like an mp4 file!

Rachael is Currently…

Reading a random stack of Christian newspapers, magazines and newsletters that have piled up
Listening to the book Everything Happens for a Reason by Kate Bowler on Audible and rocking out to People & Songs on Spotify
Thinking about why what we sing in church gets people all fired up
Looking forward to visiting England for a new-monastic conference and seeing family and friends while over there


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