August 2019: Newsletter

Hello readers,

the month of August began with conferences and interviews but then became a struggle, with our family getting sick one-by-one. My immune system is pretty low, so I was out for a whole week. After that, it was all about playing catch up on writing and life organisation.

Read on for a little update about my life in August and what’s ahead!


What I’ve Been Enjoying

Reading the book ‘Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science‘ by Drew Dyck and it’s been super helpful in figuring out why I fail at creating habits
Listening to some lectures on a Christian understanding of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education
Watched Diagnostics on Netflix. It’s like the show House but a documentary

What I’ve Been Up To

Wrote a piece for The Melbourne Anglican newspaper for their column: A Book That Changed Me. I chose Streams of Living Water by Richard Foster
Published an interview with Ryan Flanigan from Liturgical Folk
Attended a training day on ‘A Growing Church in a Post Christian Culture’ with Ger Jones and the Evangelical Women in Academia Conference with Dr Paula Gooder and Jude Long.
Interviewed Ger Jones and a teacher from my primary school days.
Curated a Spotify playlist to help people discover and appreciate a wide range of worship music (5 songs are added each week)
Started a facebook page for A Live Tradition to be able to share more of my research and thoughts with friends, family and people I meet along the way

August Rule of Life: Learning from Jesus

This month in the Rule of Life series, I had the theme ‘Learning from Jesus’. Here’s a little update on how I went with the three practices I chose.

One: Praying the Gospels each day, Lectio Divina.
I wasn’t successful in reading the Gospels each day, but I began to read the Gospel of Mark, Lectio Divina style. I’m going to continue this practice and I plan to be more consistent.

Two: Receive spiritual direction. I had the first session with my new spiritual director last week and this is a practice I will continue each month.

Three: Go to the movies! In the ‘Learning from Jesus’ Rule of Life it states ‘like Jesus we can listen deeply and value the worth of each person, see people like our Father sees them‘. A person who modelled this was Jean Vanier, philospher and founder of L’Arche and I had the opportunity to see a documentary film about him and his work: Summer in the Forest. It really was incredible and I highly recommend everyone see it. I started to see the connection between Jean Vanier’s philosophy and that of Maria Montessori in valuing the worth of each person, whether they be a child or someone differently abled. I’d really love to be able to explore this connection further.

Coming up in September

The Rule of Life theme for September month is Desire and Choice. I will be posting in the next couple of days more about that.
I will begin researching for a piece for the Heroes of the Faith column in The Melbourne Anglican. I have chosen Robert E. Webber.
I will be flying to Asia for a family holiday but in classic Lopez style, we’ll also be doing a bit of work. Jonathan is attending a conference and I’m lining up an interview or two.

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