September & October 2019: Newsletter

Hello readers,

at the end of September, my family and I were away in Malaysia on annual leave, which is why I have a double newsletter for you. It was a wonderful time away, especially as we hadn’t had time away as a family for a year.

Read on for a little update about my life and work in September and October and what’s ahead!


What I’ve Been Enjoying

Reading the book ‘The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose in an Age of Distraction‘ because you can’t read enough of these kind of books.
Spending quality time with my two year old, who gives me a goodnight kiss every night (both cheeks!) and tries to wake me up in the morning by bringing me my glasses.
Listening to two new albums ‘Neighbor Songs’ from The Porter’s Gate. This video shows the heart behind the album. (I wrote about their previous album ‘Work Songs’ here.)

Secondly, of course ‘Jesus is King’ from Kanye West. I love this video from their Sunday Services.

What I’ve Been Up To

Wrote a piece for CMS magazine on Aussie finance guru, the Barefoot Investor.
Reviewed Ever Ancient, Ever New by Winfield Bevans on my blog. The book focuses on the liturgical renewal among young people.
Published the second of my Ancient Future Practitioners blog series – an interview with Steve Woods. He is a Spiritual Director who leads a New-Monastic Community in Adelaide.
Unofficially took part in a conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. It was The Council of the Church in East Asia (CCEA) which my husband was a delegate. My toddler and I were able to participate in the opening church service and dinner in honour of the Archbishop Justin and Caroline Welby, and the day trip to Kundasang War Memorial and National Park.
Interviewed Archbishop Justin in Malaysia, which was kind of planned but not set in stone. A bad turn of weather meant the hike was cancelled and there was a window of free time.

A Live Tradition Playlist – New Songs!

1. Hymnal: “All Creatures of Our God and King” by Anthem Lights. (This was the processional entrance song at the service at All Saints’ Cathedral Kota Kinabalu’
2. Golden Oldie: “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Audrey Assad
3. Millennium and Beyond: “By Faith” by Keith Lancaster, The Acappella Company. (This song from Keith & Kristyn Getty was the processional exit song at All Saints’ Cathedral)
4. Ancient Future Fusion: “Marching to Zion / God of This City” by The Ekklesia Band. (Thank you to my friend Erin for sending me this one.)
5. Behold Something New: “He is Among Us (The Least of These)” by The Porter’s Gate, Zach Bolen.

September (and October) Rule of Life: Learning from Jesus

This last two months in the Rule of Life series, I had the theme ‘Desire and Choice‘. Here’s a little update on how I went with the three practices I chose.
One: Choosing my new community. This was the most successful of my three practices. I have met up with parishioners for coffee and I have become much more involved in my church services. As well as being on morning tea every week for the traditional service and I’m on the roster for leading the contemporary service.
Two: Continuing to choose my Community of St Anselm community. Okay, so this one was an epic fail (no skype dates and no letters) but I am determined to make an effort next month.
Three: Buy a t-shirt! Unfortunately the Community of St Anselm “We Choose One Another” didn’t arrive before Malaysia. I wish I was attending Synod so I could wear it there! But it is a good reminder to continue choosing those who we, along with God, have chosen.

Coming up in September

The Rule of Life theme for next month is Being Set Apart. I will be posting in the next couple of days more about that.
Writing three pieces for The Melbourne Anglican, including a piece on Robert E. Webber which I’m excited about.
Interviewing two people in person, one person over skype and several people over email.
Flying to Canberra to be apart of a design committee of a conference in 2020 (stay tuned). Being involved in a committee or a conference was not something I wanted to do ever again (never say never) but this conference aligns so well with my purpose so here I go!

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