I’m starting a magazine

In December last year, I decided that 2020 was the year. I would get my driver’s licence, go to America for Q conference and start a magazine. Two of those things have happened. Yesterday, was my fly out date to America and I commiserated / celebrated at home with ribs and corn.

The idea for a Christian magazine has been bubbling away since 2007, when I was living in a share house in inner-city Melbourne and studying photography. In the decade that followed my art phase, I studied theology and then moved to Lambeth Palace for a year to be apart of a monastic community.

From my time at Lambeth Palace, I have been writing for different publications and even done some editorial work, but I feel like the time has come to start something new to reach the young folk {and young at heart} here in Australia. 

So, I started a business course in January and have been working on a business plan for the last few months. Late in the game, I switched from Sole Trader to Not-For-Profit which meant I needed a Board. That was actually easier than I expected, because there are so many people passionate about this project.

Here are some unique things about Soul Tread, a quarterly magazine.

  • It will be print only so you can enjoy a screen break and read through a beautifully designed magazine with a cup of coffee
  • There are three chapters: Sustainable Faith, Church as Community and Cultural Engagement
  •  There are three common threads: hearing diverse voices, creation care, and supporting creatives
  • It will be printed by an eco-friendly printer (from the energy efficient lighting to the waterless printing and carbon neutral paper) and arrive to your door in a compostable mail bag
  • It will be curated with original content from the writing to the photography and illustration and all contributors will be paid
  • It is written for a thoughtful audience rather than academic or popular (think TED talk vibes)
  • It is non-denominational and seeks to respect and engage with a variety of Christian traditions past and present

So how is it going to happen?

Stage 1 is a Pre-Seed Fundraiser through Go Fund Me. This is happening right now and the minimum Go Fund Me accepts is $5 (that’s only 30c more than my usual order of a weak soy latte!) If you’re in a position to give, even just a little, it would really help. We’re currently at $1110 which is super amazing!

Stage 2 is a Kickstarter campaign to secure the printing 1000 copies of the first edition: Spring 2020. At that stage, we’ll be announcing some incredible writers and creatives who are on board.

Stage 3 is getting to the goal of 1000 subscriptions so the cost of creating and printing the magazine is covered, and this includes paying all contributors for their work.

For submission queries (or any queries), my email is rachael {at} soultreadmag.com

I’m really excited about this project and grateful for the enthusiasm and support of those I have been sharing it with.

Stay home and stay blessed,

Rachael Lopez

One thought on “I’m starting a magazine

  1. Thanks Rachael for telling me about your vision.
    I would love to give you a small gift to help with this exploratory stage.
    I had trouble with the Go Fund me page – my fault because I am so old-fashioned and not social media savvie. Could you send me the Bank a/c name, BSB no and a/c no to which I could transfer direct
    Lovely to see the photo of Zion – hard to believe he has been with you for 2.5 years.
    Every blessing to you all


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