Top 5 “Made in Iso” Worship Videos

“The absence of limitation in the enemy of art.”

Orson Wells

It is said that limitations breeds creativity, and this is a season of limitations for many across the world. I’ve loved seeing worship music created in isolation, as it shows the church’s ability to adapt and bring people together during these crazy times. Here’s my top 5, some are single tracks and others are an hour long (or more!) virtual concerts.

No. 5: Crowder, Johnnyswim, Tori Kelly – Because He Lives
This video was simply and beautifully created. It was for an online Easter Service at Passion City Church. The lyrics are especially poignant with a little baby cooing along to the song: “This child can face uncertain days because He lives”.

No. 4: Selah Virtual Concert Series
Unfortunately, these are not on Youtube, so are a little harder to find. Amy Perry singing live from California (watch below) and a number of virtual concerts with Todd Smith and Alan Hall live from Nashville… some are very long so might be a good soundtrack to your day. Check out Selah on Facebook here and scroll down to find these concerts. This is the only one so far from Amy. It is filmed in her church, and her testimony before singing Broken Ladder really spoke to me.

No. 3. Worship Around the World with Michael W. Smith
There are 7 of these videos and counting… this is just the first one. If you’ve ever wanted to having a worship sesh with Smitty on your loungeroom, this is as close as you’ll probably get. There’s a great mix of Michael W. Smith favourites and contemporary worship songs. 

No. 2: Is He Worthy with Fellowship Worship
This is an incredible song from Andrew Peterson based Revelation 5:9-10 and I have been listening to this rendition a lot! I especially love how intergenerational it is and how ‘normal’ everyone looks singing from home. It has been put together beautifully.

No. 1: The UK Blessing
I watched this on a Sunday night after seeing it shared from the Archbishop of Canterbury. It features singers and musicians from over 65 churches in the UK across different denominations and it has now reached over 2 million views. I’m not really one to get emotional, but this actually made me tear up! You can listen to the back story from Tim Hughes in an interview here and he talks about how the UK isn’t just singing a blessing but they are being a blessing to their communities in so many different ways.

Do you have any “made in iso” worship videos to share?

One thought on “Top 5 “Made in Iso” Worship Videos

  1. Great bluesy version of a golden oldie “Because he lives”! Just needed a guitar or keyboard improv to really take off!!


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